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One of the best inn Daytona Bahama House

Hey i got a chance to visit Daytona Bahama House, and it was a more that a treat. The hotel is right on the beach and just had all around great service.We can't wait to visit again.

Hotel Details:

* The hotel is located right on the beach in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida
* Hotel is offering special discounted rates for upcoming events in Daytona Beach, including Bike Week
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Fanna gifts you a great set of mobile wallpaers enjoy

CLICK bottom link and download



Yes you can play this exciting racing game NFS Pro Street in your
series 60 & other mobiles. That is a jar file & not sure if it
works in other non symbian mobiles but it’s based on j2me & hence
is a java game. Car racing in mobile would be interesting especially
the steering & other controls via joystick & mobile keys.
According to them “Dedicated mobile design delivers an

authentic Need for Speed experience while an innovative control system

puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.” This game is multi- language & has a brilliant graphics.



mobile symbian games, need for speed undercover for your symbian phone - symbian v2. n70 n80 n71 n72 and all symbain v2 phones.

EA Mobile Need For Speed Undercover 3D is part of a new series of Need For Speed.

Following the failure of gameplay "Pro Street", the developers abandoned the idea of "legal races." The new part would be traditional for a series of NFS.

The police again, as never before, will catch everything that moves at speeds of more than 60 kilometers per hour. Opposed the ruthless street rider and win.

Earn respect n money, and soon your garage will be filled with the fastest cars around the world! Choose from two game modes "Career" or "Quick Race". In The game you can find five types of races: "Circle", "Sprint", "On the flight," Overtaking camera "," Award ".

The city is divided into four regions: "Down Town", "Industrial area", "suburbs", "Surroundings".

Experience the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victory in the new game of the famous series of races.

For fast, better, and smooth gameplay, install the game in phone memory.

This is the real 3D release and it worked fine with nokia 6630 and N70.

Download click here

only for symbian 3rd edition

here are your mobile softwares for your symbian 3rd edition... please remeber these will work only with phone with symbian 3rd edition like n73 n95 etc etc//.....
have fun (14.31 Mb) (13.68 Mb)

details of my given software


ALON Contact Guide for S60 3rd Edition is professional contact manager which offers the quick

contact search,
full set of actions with contacts and many other useful features.

AppUidViewer is a utility that can be used to find out all installed applications and their

application UIDs on a device at run time.

Aqua Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Messages, Birthdays all-in-one! You will forget about build in

Icons, Templates, Categories now available on Symbian OS.
Link Contact from Phonebook to your events and call to your friends.
Application works with built-in databases, so easily synchronize with PC.
Note! Reg. with code 100

The AudioBay Podcast Player makes it simple to find, download and listen to podcasts!
+Mobile Select Podcast Directory.
+Integrated search by location .
+Integrated MP3 player.
+RSS compatible.
+Memory card support.

Auto Hang Up is the tool that helps you to reduce call charges.
The program automatically hangs up incoming or outgoing call after user specified duration.
Don't pay for an extra minute of conversation because of two seconds

AutoLock is an automatic key lock application.
Automatic start-up when the phone is turned on.
Setup tool to change inactivity time.
It's running completely at the background..


Personalized greetings for every caller!
+Set default auto response and save voice messages directly to your phone's internal memory without

using your operator's voice mail.
+Set personalized voice responses and save voice messages.
+Personalized SMS responses (when somebody calls, the SMS response will be sent).
+Reject unwanted calls (blacklist feature).
+Call back the received call numbers.
+Save local voice clip files.
+Get complete call log.
+Playback saved voice messages.
+Transfer saved voice messages via Infrared, Bluetooth, Email or MMS.

Bemused is a system which allows you to control Winamp and several other programs using your

Nokia 7650 or 3650, or Sony Ericsson P800. It
consists of two parts: a server program which runs on your PC, and a client program which runs on

your phone. It allows you to do the following


Multiple bible version.
Normal/Fullscreen viewing.
Redefineable for key bindings Series 60 (useful for those cell phones that there are strange key

placement, like the Nokia 3650 and Siemens SX1).
Navigation menu.
Booklist navigation.
Option to keep the backlight always on.
Color selection.
Greek/Hebrew text.
Limited support for Chinese (Big5 encoded) texts.
Copy to see to clipboard (under you dog paste them on your SMS/MMS/Notes)


.As only Killer Mobile could, BlackBaller combines the must have features of a Blacklist

with the convenience of a call filter (whitelist) and toss in a couple of never before seen features

for good measure.
Instantly rejects Calls, SMS and MMS messages
Supports Blacklists and Whitelists
The easist most user friendly app around - true Killer Mobile style
Smart Reject Sensor (tm)lets you add blocked callers on the fly!
Tight integration with contacts
Real "Run in Background" mode
Complete log off all blocked Calls and Messages


WebCam computer connected via cell phone with Bluetooth.
facilitate your work, the journey for video applications.
Support QQ, MSN, NetMeeting and other mainstream video applications.
Support: E50,S60v3 9.1/9.2.
Support Windows Platform: 2000 or XP.
Tested on: N80, 3250, N73 work but small video.


Calcium is a fast, easy to use calculator for your phone!
About Calendar Delete.
It Deletes all of your Calendar Entries!

About ColEm. (with 6 Rom)
ColEm will run ColecoVision cartridge files with .cv, .cv.gz, .rom, and .rom.gz extensions.
Place your files into E:OthersColEm and don't forget to put COLEM.ROM

About Divx Player
Play divx video files on your mobile phone!
Supported devices: Nokia E60, E61, E70, N71, N80, N91, N92, 5500

About exoVirusStop.
Protect your Symbian Series 60 phone against viruses and trojans, with the new antivirus

product from exoSyphen Studios.
exoVirusStop brings some new and innovative features, which make this software unique.
All updates for this software are completely free, for lifetime. Stop paying expensive subscription

when you can have lifetime free updates at NO cost.

About F_Secure AntiVirus.
F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus(TM) is easy to use and does not require excess device resources or

unnecessary user interaction.
It automatically scans all files in the background, both in the device and on the memory cards.
When an infected file is detected it is immediately quarantined to protect all other data in the

The antivirus database is updated invisibly in the background when a data connection is used for

emails, web browsing etc.

About Handy Clock.
Handy Clock is a great time and multi-alarm tool. It shows time and date in your home city

and in two other cities of the world.
You can choose these cities from the list, built in Handy Clock program, or add the new ones. Handy

Clock shows current time in both digital and analog
Handy Clock shows you date and day of the week. You can also see the dialing codes of the chosen

cities on the Clock screen.
Handy Clock enables you to set several different alarms on your clock.
You can set up to 8 clock alarms at the same time. The program supports 5 types of alarms.

About Handy Safe
Handy Safe software for Symbian S60 smartphones is a perfect assistant for secure and

convenient data managing.
Keep your mind free from countless numbers and letters. Have all of your important information in

one place, safe, easy to access,
and always with you with Handy Safe software for Symbian S60.
Handy Safe Desktop agent included enables you to synchronize your information between Symbian S60

smartphone and PC.
Store passwords, credit cards details, user names, codes, accounts (email, Internet, shopping,

web pages, addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and much more.
Handy Safe software for Symbian S60 smartphone includes HANDY SAFE DESKTOP agent.
Handy Safe Desktop is a PC companion for Handy Safe software that is specially designed for

synchronization of information on your smartphone and on your PC. With Desktop PC client you can

easily add, edit and access your Symbian S60 smartphone information on PC.

About Handy Keylock.
Lock your smartphone keys when you don’t use it.
Set the timeout once and your smartphone will be automatically locked and protected against

accidental pressings.
For slider phones (like Nokia N80): Smartphone keys will be locked automatically at slider closing

(without confirmation message).

About Handy Taskman.
Be in full control of your smartphone!
Have full information about running programs and about free memory left on the phone (RAM, Phone

memory and Memory card).
Access to applications is extra easy and quick: Find and start a desired application by typing the

first letters of its name.
Or run a program from full screen list of applications that were recently used.
Switch to, Close, Kill any application or Close them all in one click. And even compress your

smartphone’s memory using Handy Taskman.

About HandyZip.
Open, extract and create zip archives on your phone with Handy Zip application for Nokia S60

Handy Zip program is necessary for all people who receive messages via e-mail on the smartphone.
With Handy Zip software installed on your phone, you can easily open a zipped attachment directly

from Messaging application and view/modify the files inside it. Without this application you can't

check what is inside .zip archive you received with the message.
Just imagine what will happen if important document is not read in time.
Compress sending files into .zip archive and size of your message will dramatically decrease.
Less size of message means less time to send it and less Internet traffic bills.
Handy Zip software also helps you organize your messages. You can send several files zipped in one

attached to your e-mail instead of many.
Keep more information on your phone with Handy Zip program for Nokia S60 smartphones. Compress

unused files and save more new documents or images on the freed space. Compression is very easy and

fast.When you need you will quickly extract these files.
Download zip archives from the Internet and extract them directly on your phone.
Organize and backup files on your smartphone using zip archives with Handy Zip application.
Compatible phone models:
Nokia 3250, 5500, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, E50, E60, E61, E62, E70

About HeadLine News
Comprehensive headline news, market updates, sports, entertainment and more on your mobile


About Image Converter.
Convert your pix to Formats:
1. Png
2. Mbm
3. Gif
4. Jpeg
5. Bmp

About KeypadLock.
KeypadLock runs as a service on your device and is able to automatically lock the keypad of

your device based on the rules you set.
This can help you to protect against accidentally keys pressing which could initiate undesired calls

or network access.
You can unlock the keypad as normally. You can set the inactivity timeout after which the keypad is

You can also make use of the extended capabilities of the software. KeypadLock runs in background,
makes use of low resources from your device and it can also automatically start without your

intervention when the phone is powered-on (autoboot).
Compatible devices : Nokia: N93,N92,N91,N80,N71,N73,E61,E70,E60,E50,3250,E50,E 500

About LivePVR.
Phone call PVR.
Phone call PVR is the personal voice recorder mobile application that provides real time phone call

recording using Automatic or Manual capture modes.
It allows you to record your mobile phone conversations, either by recording all phone calls

automatically, or by recording the next call you make.
Meeting Notes PVR.
Meeting Notes PVR is the personal voice recorder mobile application that provides real time meeting

notes using Timed or Manual capture modes.
It allows you to record moments-in-time, or "thoughts" during a meeting, but without missing the

context that led up to that main point or thought.
Using pre-defined application settings, a certain number of seconds are recorded using the Rolling

Buffer, both before and after pressing the Timed Capture.
This ensures you always have proper context to your recordings. By also providing synchronization

capabilities with ActiveSync,
you can have these recordings, with their meeting context, embedded in your Microsoft OneNote files

or other note taking applications.
Voice recorder PVR.
Voice PVR is the personal voice recorder mobile application that provides basic voice recorder

functionality, without
the limits on how long you can record. As long as you have storage, such as an SD Card in your

phone, you can record
whatever you wold like, for as long as you would like.

About Metro
helps you find your way in the public transport systems (subway, bus, trams, ...) in more

than 350 cities around the world. FREE, FAST and ACCURATE!

About mLock.
Easy enable the keylock! Very useful for the Nokia N80

About Phone Mobile Task.
With this application, you can start and stop any application bases on a timepoint as well as

a certain duration.
You can use it for example for a sleep timer to turn of radio/media player automatically after some

start/stop of applications.
selection of any installed application possible.
load and save of jobs.
directly start any specific application in application list with ok/joystick button .

About Mobile Weather.
Mobile Weather is a weather forecast client for S60 Smartphones,
that shows the current weather situation of hundreds of cities anywhere all around the


About Office Suite.

Carry your office documents with you anywhere anytime.
Moreover, with OfficeSuite it is as easy as ABC to create dynamic text documents, calculate and

analyze data right on your phone.
Need to modify an existing office document on the go?
No worries OfficeSuite will keep the original document format and still allow you to make the

desired changes.

DOWNLOAD HERE: (14.31 Mb) (13.68 Mb)

nokia symbian 3rd edition softwares c r a c k e d

here are your mobile softwares for your symbian 3rd edition... please remeber these will work only with phone with symbian 3rd edition like n73 n95 etc etc//.....
have fun (14.31 Mb) (13.68 Mb)
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